SHINee Disbanding
Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm really not so into what's going on there in Korea but it all seems to me like TOTAL BULLSHIT. I'm not going to make a huge post about it like all the other crazy people but something definitely is wrong in SM...
It's seems like they're in crisis, or something and the sudden news about jjong and ssk seems to be more of a fake story, to try and blackmail and force SM to some kind of a hard situation which is ruining images of both SHINee and SM now... and also there is the fact that SHINee can't disband, they're schedule is already planned about one year ahead, it might be that they are going to disband but it won't happen now! look at this they're going to have they're first ever concert in December, and it's not only in Korea but JAPAN as well, really disbanding now? don't forget all the the shows they're in and so on, something seems wrong and people don't help clarifying those rumors, they just list them and either support them or are against them.

I don't believe anything until I see a professional response to it, an article on a reliable source and such.
so as I said at the begining (and yes I'm a total fan of SHINee but I'm not going to have illusions and I'm realistic) THIS SEEMS LIKE BS!

done :)

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Desperate people are making me LOL
Monday, October 11, 2010

Just decided mocking antis which I do when I have time, and I know that most of you would say *like the dude in the comments* that I sound like I'm in denial, well that's the point HAHA I was just mocking to see when they give up but I decided that this one was really stubborn haha going on until the end... maybe he felt like he found a rival finally? I like it so look look people who sounds funnier the desperate person who can't connect the dots together to form a figure or the denial-mocking-nonsense-person ME :) enjoy the laughter:

Aren't they desperate? I was mocking them, but they were... on Twitpic

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So, It's a new week~ woohoo~ NO.
The week before was bad, but this week seemed to start with a lighter feeling thanks to finding out that report cards are only next month, and the pressure that had disappeared after completing all the tests...
But, I came to this class in English and the first thing the teacher said was that I have to sit separate from my only friend, and so for the rest of English class I was a loner! fun :)
Now after English we had Chemistry, we didn't think that the teacher in Chemistry would do the same thing, but surprisingly he did, and not only to us, but to the whole class, the thing is I got the crappiest place of all - with my back to the board. THANKS. now how am I going to concentrate better? So my friend figured out this all is thanks to her mom (which is also a teacher in the school) that went around the school telling all of our teachers to separate us. Of course she herself said "I asked them, if your sitting together bothers the class or they think it causes a lack of attention from you, to separate you. I only suggested" Now sorry but we don't believe that very well... Then later on the familiar and annoying cliche appeared "it's for your own good" don't you hate this sentence? It's so tiring, I'm going to talk to my mom about never saying it again because I'm getting sicker and sicker.

Finishing the "start of the week report" some other updates and... things that haven't updated?
-Tomorrow or after tomorrow snow was predicted to be falling in Moscow. YAY *sarcasm*
-My friend that I talked about not long ago that randomly stopped talk to me, is still not talking to me, and it's becoming awkward, each time she's near it feels more like a competition, "who will give-up faster and be the worm?" now it doesn't bother me, but I feel bad for the friend that is still talking to both of us...
-More rude people, and friends are noticing it
-becoming closer with other buddies? Sounds nice~!

I'm DoNe :) byebye

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Friendship to hell, it can't be mutual with more than two people...
Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm really upset now because of a lot of things... first since report cards are out in about three weeks everything is much more intense in school, more projects, tests, and homework to get in, and pass (meaning grade)
not only that as already mentioned I start doubting at how good can friendship be, not only the sarcasm has become an issue but the stereotyping going on in our triple-friendship. It all happened without out me even being a part of that small quarrel between my two friends because one of them didn't feel like accompanying the other one to cafeteria,,, and so this girl got offended and... decided to ignore both of us for the rest of the day. Since we both were already used to those actions we believed "it'll be okay tomorrow" and well it was okay... partially, this girl still didn't talk to me. And so when me and the other friend to sign-in ourselves for study hall I asked her what about the relationship, and why doesn't the other girl talk to me... okay now it's time to name them... The one who's not talking to me is A and the one who's about to answer me is M. M answered me, "I'm actually not supposed to tell you that... but A said she doesn't wanna talk to you because you're rude... so I asked her if she's going to ever start talking to you again and she answered, that she doesn't see you both as friends and so she doesn't intend on ever talking to you again..."
Those words struck me hard, at first I had a shock and a moment that I felt like starting to laugh out loud in the hallway. My friend, which I shared so many secrets with decided not to talk to me anymore and is say that I am RUDE. That's really a surprise, and then associating with the word "rude" all those kind of scenarios came into my mind, but in those scenarios it wan't me who was the rude one but A! Since I'm from Israel (and obviously Jewish) everybody knows that. I complain a lot, and I can't say I don't, and it's just me like that, but A once after hearing me complain looked at me with a discussed and ridiculed face and said "jeez, you're so Jewish..." OUCH, really you think all Jews are complaining bastards don't'cha? well THANKS but dear thats being STEREOTYPICAL. that's not the only case, but if I count coins (which is very frequent in Russia since even 10 bill comes in coins...) and she said the same thing... OUCH... again, reminds me of Hitler... and such scenarios occurred more and more, even over phone, now babe, being ethnically stereotypical is a no-no for me. and moreover that's being anti-Semitic!
well, after those scenarios ran in my had (which occurred pretty fast) I shrugged, and gave out a "pfft" I told those things to friend M and she agreed with me, eventually I became angry, how could she call me rude when she was even ruder? well I ain't talking to a bitch that uses excuses girl, so you got what you want... The thing is, I'm not losing in this match, because M is more on my side, and I have all of my classes with her if A is going to so desperately try to ignore me, she'll lose not only one friend but two of them.

So GOOD LUCK A, because anti-semitic people shouldn't be friends with Jews you know? I don't want to get killed... :P

but than there's this problem: she knows to much... and she might tell it to someone... Well now that's not the main issue anyways so... I guess, I will just live through it as long as it's not passing around like a rumor...

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Teachers are so untruth-worthy!
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Right now I really feel like quitting school... This IB program is harder than it seemed at first, and teachers are not supportive at all even though they say they are. In reality they don't care about more than us getting grades, without even thinking of what the grade is. Such harsh graders are out there,,, like my geography teacher for example, he's so harsh with grading, he picks favorites and he develops hatred towards weak students... He is also ignoring the IB grading system which means that right now instead of having a C- I have an F...... but really that's not fair... But it doesn't matter I was always weak in English so I can't blame only the teacher I guess... but still making us prepare for something that was completely different from the information he gave us to study for is really unfair.....

But to really answer the title it is something different, and I'm depressed about it so much right now, I worked so hard to get in there, and I slipped, and who knows because of what? But I didn't get into our Prom Com, that is because people where chosen over me for their applications and recommendations only. My art teacher which is the head of the prom committee, and knows me well had chosen other people that she had never met over me apparently because of their good recommendations, I don't understand it. I know I'm not too good with time management but I'm fixing it, and sometimes I'm not very responsible, but that's also getting fixed and my teacher (as my friend's mom) knows it very well... Even though she might've thought that I'm not good enough, the other option is that I gave my application from to the wrong teacher to recommend on me... It could also be that my math teacher that was part of the influential people didn't want me into prom committee. But that's really bad, I don't understand why those people go to prom committee? I needed it so much more than them... they can go to KIK, NHS, and peer helpers I CAN'T, I'm not strong enough for this kind of things! I needed only that to complete my service hours... why..... it's not fair really I feel so depressed I want to quit school, life is not over, I can go to another IB supporting school with people that WILL recognize my abilities! This school really isn't as amazing as it seemed up until two years ago...

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Grade 11 and the aim is already university...
Monday, September 27, 2010

So... I am an 11th grader in an International American School in Moscow, which means they drill universities into our minds since 9th grade, but now we're seriously into it... They make us go to presentations of universities everyday, and like all of them are American Universities, which is for me a no~no.
I can go anywhere I want just not America... and since I'm interested in Korean literature, history and all those stuff I thought of taking it as my first major in university as an undergraduate~! fun *sarcasm*

So right now we are researching colleges and universities and what I have in my mind is that:
-SNU - Seoul National University (Korea)
-Yonsei University (Korea)
-University of Jerusalem (Israel) and
-The main university of Moscow which is called in Russian MGU, lol :P

The ones I want most from those though are the Korean ones xD they're the most trust worthy when thinking about Asian studies and all of my friends (Koreans lol) are going to those two, also since I want to experience international studies Israel wouldn't be the option, since I'm Israeli :P hahaha
Since I'm in Russia now and I don't know for how long more, I put the main Russian university into the list as well.
So that's basically it, hope I don't have to go to army and can head straight to university~! can't wait to meet my long lost friend there again ♥♥♥

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My life really sucks doesn't it?
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey~ first REAL post, lol. still ahve to change the theme tho since it doesn't suit me at all this theme I have now... anyways here's first post, It's depressing so if you don't like "emo" people you can go :P kekeke

I really feel bad , I don't want to pity myself because it sounds really bad, but I feel like in people's minds, whenever they befriend with me, in their minds they see "perfect, an easy person I can bully whenever I feel like.." Since lower school I've been bullied, since I remember my self, in fifth and sixth grade there was this guy, who hated me, and since I was always very emotional saw me as a target. One night we had a party of my classmate and friend, she was always very nice to me, and I felt loved. At that night I got beaten up by this guy, he called me names and nobody helped me, I cried so much, even now if I'm to tell it to someone face to face I shed a tear. My mother went to the police and complained, after that I was ignored, nobody, even my best friend didn't talk to me. That guy turned everybody against me. It's good that after sixth grade we switch school, I felt like I could start over again in that new place. I decided I won't be as weak and open anymore, and closed myself more at my middle school years, still I got to have a lot of friends. Though guys still felt nice bullying me, I stood up against them (differently from lower school years) but they didn't seem to bother, now I'm a freakin' Junior in an American school. My best friends find it fun to laugh at my pronunciation mistakes, and when I make a mistake I would always be a laughing stock, I never look graceful enough to anybody...

Even though I know my friends love me, it hurts to know they have chances to bully me with words, it hurts my heart, and last night I cried knowing that I'm just to easy, for them it's just like teasing a baby, and I can never show my real smart side, because of people like that, I'm looked at, why can't I learn that lesson I've passed through so many times?

Friends are trouble.

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